A common criticism in conducting a project of this nature, in which highly personal data is submitted anonymously, is that participants are prone to "stretch the truth". Given the symmetric distribution of erect penis lengths and the close agreement with other studies, I believe that the extent of such an offense is minimal. Nevertheless, such criticism is valid but unfortunately, until recently, the only method of confirming the accuracy of the data submitted - to personally visit and measure each and every participant - was impossible. However, now that digital cameras are becoming increasingly commonplace, it occurred to me that such a problem can be surmounted by requesting interested individuals to submit a measurement photo of themselves.

The "Measurement Verification Project" (MVP) involves the receipt of an erect measurement photo and the submission of some pertinent subject information. The data will be entered into a separate database, and when a sufficient number of responses has been received, an ongoing comparison of MVP data with survey data previously collected will be made.

Please do not confuse this request with the one regarding photos for Section E of the questionnaire. No MVP photo will be posted and like all other photos and data that I receive, will be held in the strictest of confidence.


While taking your photo, refer to the accompanying illustration, keeping the following points in mind;


  • try to use a cloth or other flexible tape measure
  • the tape measure may be in either inches or centimeters/millimeters
  • your penis must be maximally erect and held perpendicular to your abdomen
  • keep the measure as taunt as possible against the penis
  • be honest and do not perform any manual traction or jelqing exercises
  • the measure should be placed directly on top of the penis, and not to the side
  • ensure that the entire penis is included in the photo, from the base to the tip of the head
  • make sure that the picture is close enough, and clear enough, to unequivocally shown the precise length
  • if you wish, you may also take a flaccid and/or erect circumference measurement shot.
  • let us know if you have used any penile extender products.




Since I have not yet learned the basics of CGI scripting, photos will have to be submitted as e-mail attachments. Participation will therefore involve a two step procedure - completion of a short questionnaire followed separately by the transmission of the photo. In order to more conveniently collate these two submissions, please do not begin step one until you are ready to submit your photo.


Please fill out the following information. NO LONGER TAKING SUBMISSIONS VIA EMAIL

1) Age

2) Weight

3) Height

4) Flaccid Length (inches)

5) Flaccid Girth (inches)

6) Erect Length (inches)

7) Erect Girth (inches)

8) Ethnic background of parents and grandparents

In filling out the following table, please be as specific as possible. Specify for example, "German" instead of "Caucasian", "Chinese" instead of "Oriental" etc. If you are Black, use the notation "Black (country)" (ex. Black (USA)). If you are uncertain about your ethnic origin, or if your lineage is highly mixed, simply enter your racial type (Caucasian, Oriental or Black).


5) I consider myself to be;

well endowed
averagely endowed
modestly endowed


Please click on the following icon and submit your photo as an e-mail attachment.

A sincere "thank you" is extended to all who have participated. Your effort is truly appreciated!


Richard Edwards
August 25, 1998
Revised February 27, 2018


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