Why are you measuring guys?

Since March of 1996, we’ve been conducting a serious online dick size survey and have received replies from over 12,000 men worldwide.

Because the data is self-reported, it’s possible that respondents have measured inaccurately or, even worse, have deliberately fabricated their measurements.

The only way to be certain is to conduct a validation study, which used to mean me personally taking measurements of volunteers. Hosting a series of Dick Size Measuring events would allow us to measure the most amount of guys in the least amount of time and validate the data.

However, this is not feasible or realistic for the amount of responses we received.

For 2019 we are working on a new validation tool but as of this update, do not have the solution working just yet.  We hope to release an size measurement app in the near future with the help of the manufacturers of the Phallosan Forte device..

Are you looking for a particular type of guy?

Our study is looking for guys of any endowment size, race of orientation who meet the following criteria:

1) Are between the ages of 18 and 50; 2) Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) no greater than 25* (this requirement is dropped for those who are body builders); 3) Do not suffer from erectile dysfunction; 4) Are not receiving testosterone therapy

Remember that the measuring component is an attempt to validate the results of my survey which seeks, among other things, to determine the average dimensions of a penis.

We are therefore not looking for only one endowment type – as the picture above illustrates, guys of every size can (and do) participate.