Penis Extenders

Penile Extenders: How to Receive Natural Results

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A penile extender is an important tool if you’re concerned about your penis size. When used correctly it can naturally increase the blood flow to your penis and extend it. Thus, enhancing your confidence and the quality of your sexual performance.

Since it can be a complicated process, we decided to give a quick overview as to how penile extenders work. Once you create a schedule that allows you to take breaks, you’ll start to experience noticeable gains. We’re here to give you the information needed to help make that decision.

So let’s start!

What is Penile Traction?

When thinking of penile traction, think of it as a process for penile growth. Imagine an athlete lifting weights. As they do so, it causes cell duplications and micro-tears in the body. As the muscles begin to heal, they become larger, firmer, and have a higher capacity for blood storage.

Penile traction devices work the same way. By attracting a penile device onto your penis. It creates a constant, steady and gentle stretch on your penis. This causes the cells in your penis to pull away and split. Just like muscle building, your penis will heal and grow.

And by giving the device consistent breaks (or when it itches), you’ll notice an improvement in your penis size. Usually, the larger traction the device gives, the faster and larger your results than using any other device.

How to Use Penile Traction Devices & Potential Side Effects To Be Aware Of

The amount of time a man should wear a penile traction device depends on the brand used and their physician’s advice. But for the best results, men should wear their devices for at least 4 hours a day.

And there should be a 20-minute break within the first two hours of wearing it. Gradually, they should increase the time length by wearing it 9 hours a day, with breaks within every 2 hours. This schedule might be difficult for some men, depending on their work schedule and lifestyle.

Except for having the device attached to your penis, itching is the only minor side effect.

Things to Consider When Buying a Penile Extender

is your penis size genetic?

Here are some things you should look into when getting your first penile extender:

Ease of Use

First, you need to consider is its ease of use. A good penis extender needs a comfort mechanism that lets you wear it with ease and comfort all day. Each of use is important because, in order to achieve better results, the extender must be worn as long as possible.

That’s why it’s important that the penis extender is comfortable and doesn’t cause issues that could negatively affect your daily routine and lifestyle.


In today’s era, you should only research and consider real evidence, pure facts, and real testimonials before obtaining a product, not claims. You need to go for a penis extender that is supported by a number of trials, if it’s clinically supported by research, and is recommended by doctors and health experts.

Working Methods

Keep in mind that a penis extender has multiple methods to help keep you erect.

A good penis extender needs to have the following features:

  • First, it needs to provide a powerful traction to stretch the penis naturally and starts “cell manipulation and division” which results in natural penile growth.
  • Second, the extender needs to maintain your penis erection for a long time. It does this by drawing blood to the penis tissue. If these features are available in your penile extender, then it’s the method of work that you should look for.


Your penis extender should be tested for potency and potential hazards. They should be backed up with the most recent research and science available.

Additionally, a good production facility or source is the best factor in determining quality. Therefore, you should look for trustworthy and established brands that have been in the business for a long time to make sure what’s labeled on your product is what’s featured on the product and that it’s completely safe.


Just because the product manufacturer says their product is natural, doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe. Because of this, you have to do your research before spending money on a natural penis extender.

Make sure to read authentic testimonials and look to see if the product is certified by a reliable and global authority on health. Ideally, it won’t cause any skin marks or discomfort after long-term usage. Additionally, user compliance and tolerance is one problem you’ll have to consider when looking for a good penis extender.

Side Effects

Usually, penis extender brands state that their products don’t have any side effects. This is true if you’re talking about top brands because they are safe to use and don’t have side effects. Carefully using the product is another factor you need to be cautious when using it.

Most extenders can only be placed on the penis for a max of 5 hours a day. If the suggested time is labeled on the product, don’t use the extender any longer than that. Doing so will lead to unnecessary pain and injuries.

There is a myriad of high-quality penis extenders in the market. But careful inspection and personal research are necessary to avoid issues and gain the best results out of them. When shopping, you want to buy one that’s viable and free from side effects. A 100% penis extender will help you produce stronger and longer erections and helps achieve a wider penis.

Understanding The Different Types of Extenders

This table shows the most popular penis extenders that are available:

Extender TypeExplanation
Pulling ExtendersPulling extenders use the nature of pulling to stretch the penis fully.  There’s a part that’s placed on top of the penis shaft, and there’s a belt used to anchor the base of the penis.


The main advantage of wearing pulling extenders is that they are used in any kind of pants without being detected. Most rod based extenders keep the penis held straight, which appears as if you’ve got an erection in public.

Strap ExtendersStrap extenders are viewed as modern and more convenient devices. The largest difference between strap extenders and noose extenders is the design of the slider.


Usually, strap extenders are made to fit the size of a fully grown penis. This gives the advantage of proper fitting and minimal to no discomfort. The penis extractor produces more frictions and tractions that improve results.

Strap extenders provide the most safety and comfort and are used by uncircumcised and circumcised men. They don’t cause penile damages and don’t have any high risks associated with it.

Rod ExtendersNoose extenders are the conventional and standard type of penis extenders. It was developed over 25 years and uses rubber tubing. Noose extenders are used mainly by uncircumcised men. It has rods that can be screwed on and a large padded base.


The extender style is very obvious. It has two rods designed to extend the penis. Longer springs and rods are installed when you need to change the force that’s applied on your penis. To do this, set the stretching force by selecting the best rod and choosing the best length.

The length of the device can be adjusted according to the penis length. The only disadvantage of this device is that once you reach the length of the device, you’ll have to buy a new one to continue the enlargement process.

Penis Extender Studies

In the first study, 10 men afflicted with Peyronie’s disease were encouraged to use traction theory devices. The 10 participants used the FastSize Penile Extender. About 9 of the men found no improvements using prior medical therapy.

During this study, all nine men used the traction device as the only form of treatment. They wore the device 2-8 hours a day for around 6 months. By the end of the six months, the penile curvature reduced its angle by 15°- 45°.

Second Study

In this study, 74 men participated in the experiment. 39 men used the penile traction device for 2 hours a day plus medications (Group 1). Next, 35 men used medicines only. Men that were in group 1 responded more positively in therapy than participants in Group 2.

The average reduction was reduced by 33%, and the penis size increased by up to 1 to 2.5 cm. There were no side effects such as ulcerations, reduced rigidity was noted. This means that participants using group 1 gained 0.6 compared to 0.07 cm for being used around 3 hours a day. The authors stated there is a trend in stretch penis length in men who have medication.

Third Study

Men tend to use penile extenders for multiple reasons: to maintain the size of their penis, or to receive gains on their penile height. That’s not to say that people are dissatisfied with the side of their penis (or the size of their partner’s penis).

In fact, 85% of American men state that they are satisfied with their natural penis size. Another study shows that 86% of women were satisfied with what their partner is packing. But this same study shows that 45% of men wanted to increase in size.

Research from the University of New Mexico and the University of California showed that females preferred larger than average sized penises for their long-term partners.

They wanted the size of their casual partners to be longer still.

The authors of the study stated that “Since women gain pleasurable sex from a partner in long-term relationships, they will prefer a larger penis in short-term sex so that the physical sensation compensates for the lack of psychological connection:

How to Use a Penis Extender

Here is a step by step guide on how to wear a penis extender:

  1. Make sure that one area of the strap is placed on the cradle of the extender. This allows the strap to remain in place when adding the extender on the penis. Usually, this method requires you to leave the strap unattached on the penile extender’s left side and is congruent with your dominant hand. This means that a right-handed user should un-attach the right side of the extender and vice versa.
  2. Then, grab your penis below the glans with the non-dominant hand. Place the glans towards the cradle of the device’s extender. Once it’s in place and is gripped in a position that’s where it’s comfortable. Some men like to use the extra “slack” skin to be placed above the strap’s grip point and for increased comfort and to protect the frenulum and glans.
  3. Now place the strap through the opening of a cradle and is secured tightly, while the penis is secured in the other hand. Next, secure the other side of the extender with your dominant hand, making sure to keep enough tension on your penis. Keep enough tension on the penis, so the glans doesn’t lose its grip and keeps the penis in place.
  4. Lastly, retighten the device’s strap at least 2-3 times on both sides. Doing this allows you to create a tight fit so that the glans can’t fall from the strap. Also don’t pull the shaft skin too tight where it pulls shaft skin through the opening section of the strap, This will feel painful, and you’ll notice it right away.

Penile traction devices require you to keep your penis secure while it’s in use. If you start to feel uncomfortable, then remove the device. This will give your penis the time needed to recover and prevent it from permanent muscle damage.

How to Wear a Penile Traction Device

Once everything is secured and fastened, and you are “strapped in” to its extender, as some would say, it’s mostly a skill of doing things you enjoy while maintaining a comfortable stretch. Most people enjoy using their laptop/computer, watching TV, or doing anything that doesn’t require physical movement.

Some state that laying on your back is the best way to keep your gains swollen with blood which provides the best form of resistance. This is known as the “Head Swell” and is considered one of the key factors in obtaining gains when using the extender.

The goal here is not to move around too much where you loosen the harness strap’s grip, thus reducing the tension applied to when stretching the penis. Obviously, you don’t want to overstretch, as pain is the best indicator of too much tension. You have to minimize the amount of pain while having a maximum tension to help receive noticeable penis gains.

Common Problems

Usually, first-time users experience the most problems.

All penis extending devices have some sort of user information displayed audio, text, or video format. Make sure to read all of the information and instructions before using the penile device, Failure doing so will lead to frustration and wasted time.

When wearing the device for too long, it will lead to side effects. This happens when you incorrectly wear the penile device, and this is the most common issue that new users face. Discontinue using the penis extender if the pain is unbearable. Usually, the side effects subside within a few days of rest.

Most penis extenders are effective and safe to use.

Here are the most common problems beginners tend to face:

  • Impotency
  • Damaged blood vessels
  • Penis pain
  • Skin irritation of the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction.

Can I Apply Heat With My Device?

You can apply a soft rice sock on the penis shaft in order to help the penis not reach a malleable state quickly, reduce time for using extender rods. This allows the user to achieve maximum BPXL (Bone Pressed Exterior Length) faster.

Applying heat helps when you start using an extender in order to prevent injuries. The same heat sources used to manually exercising the penis that can be used when using an extender. However, you should not use liquid heat, as it can cause rusting of the extender’s metal parts. You can also use a cloth or gauze to act as a barrier between the extender and your penis.

Time + Tension = Permanent Penis Shaft Gains

Wearing the extender while maximizing painless tension will help you optimize your gains. This procedure is done by turning on the extender so well that you’ll get a “Head Swell” and then using tension rods to correct the base of your extender to its grain cradle.

Once the head swell is achieved, and the extender is secured correctly, you should start by turning screwing out the rods. By doing this, you add more tension to the penis shaft, which allows it to grow in the long term.

Interviews and personal research states the best way to do this is to twist the rods with 3 revolutions. You don’t want to fully tighten it when first using it, because your penis shaft needs time to obtain more plasticity and doing it too fast will cause a loss of a head swell and pain. Applying heat is a great idea and is helpful in helping your penile muscles recover faster.

How to Reach Maximum Tension

Once you’ve used the side rods so there’s no tension that can be applied without causing any pain, stop. You have reached the point where gains are optimized. Trying to extend past this point will only result in injury.

When starting, never extend the tension rods. Doing so might cause some pain and can lead to injury. If you’re not careful, it can potentially destroy your extender. They are fragile, which makes them difficult to use in public.

Safety Precautions

When you’re beginning to use a penile traction device for no longer than 4 hours a day. When getting used to it, then you can gradually wear it up to 6 hours. You can stop using the device one day a week in order to let your penis heal.

While you can wear it while sleeping, it’s not advisable to do so as its unconscious movements of the body might cause accidental injury. You’ll be advised not to use the device when engaged in sports or physical exercises.

The penis stretcher needs to have a comfort strap to reduce discomfort when wearing the device. The grip on the penis head needs to be firm to stop the device from slipping but not too tight to create unnecessary pain.

After you achieved the gains, and want to stop using the penile traction devices, we suggest that you do so gradually. If you’ve used the device for 6 hours, then you should reduce it to 4 hours a week. Lastly, if you don’t know how to use the extender correctly contact the manufacturers’ support desk.


What is the Best Penis Extender?


Since every male is genetically different, the results will vary. Factors that need to be taken into consideration are the size of the penis, their individual needs, and the quality of the device that is used.

To get the best results, its better to buy your extender from medically proven devices such as Bathmate, Phallosan Forte, AndroPenis, and SizeGenetics. They are industry leaders who are known for creating high-quality products for male enlargement.

Remember, your penis is one of the most sensitive muscles in your body. This means that you should be looking for products that are easy to use and feels natural when placed on your penis. If your penis extender is giving you issues (i.e., itching, cramped space, etc.), then you should plan on getting a replacement.


Sexual health is important for all men. And getting the right product will ensure that you’ll maximize your gains. When using a penile extender, make sure you read the manufacturers instructions to ensure that it works properly.

Once you start to use it regularly, you’ll start to notice small gains in penis size. No matter what you do, make sure the penile extender you buy fits and supports your penis. Ultimately, by taking care of your sexual health, you’ll begin to experience natural growth, increased libido, and a better response from your partners.

Do you have any experiences using penile extenders?   Please share your experience with us below.


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is your penis size genetic?


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