Penis Exercises

What are the Best Penis Exercises?

There is one main penis exercise, done manually, which has been shown to produce the best results:

Jelqing is the best penis exercise for growth


Men can find many guides on these techniques online, but most men end up performing the exercises wrong. When exercises are performed incorrectly, this can lead to injury or even adverse side effects.

Take the guess work out of these exercises by taking your time to learn the proper techinque and researching information for each exercise before you start any training routine.

It’s difficult to make a mistake when jelqing when you follow a precise, step-by-step program.

Jelqing, also known as strooming, is said to be able to help a man increase his penis size by an inch in just a few months. There’s no equipment or devices needed. Men can perform strooming exercises in the shower in just minutes.

It’s a whole process:

  • Warm up properly
  • Perform the exercise
  • Allow the tissue to heal

One exercise alone is not enough to maximize penile growth.

A true plan is needed, along with a wealth of knowledge in penile growth, to be able to maximize the gains that jelqing offers. Jelqing is just one of the exercises in the Phalogenics program that uses multiple techniques and exercises that work together in the weekly plan to improve penis size and girth.

Pain and injury can occur when jelqing. We have a simple pro tip that will help keep the pain away, gains coming and also prevent injuries:

Use a warm towel or water before jelqing

The warm towel will “warm up” the penis, allowing better blood flow into the penis’ tissue.