bathmate review

Bathmate Review

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There are so many things to consider when we compare ourselves to other people, but a life spent looking outwards is not a happy one. You should be comfortable with your faculties and your body, and when it comes to enhancing parts of yourself, you should do it for yourself above anyone else.

Products like penis pumps may not be discussed as openly as other items, but everything has its place, and something wouldn’t exist if there weren’t a demand for it. Today, we’re going to be taking a hands-on look at the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump system and is probably the best water pump-based penis enhancement product.

We like to think that everyone is born with a certain number of marbles, and each of them is assigned to a different area, and so we each have our strengths and weaknesses. Some of us may look like we have it all figured out from the exterior but are a roiling sea beneath a calm facade, while others are the opposite.

Our strengths and weaknesses may also lay in some less obvious areas, such as sexuality, and few will openly discuss them, but they still exist.

For example, you may look like a Greek god, but you may not have the package or penis size to match it, and you have a few options when it comes to improving your performance.

Penis size is a significant factor for men when it comes to bedroom performance, and it isn’t always due to your significant other’s preference. While some may not care about the size of their partner’s package, discomfort with one’s own genitalia can often lead to reduced performance due to purely psychological effects.

Penile pumps have come a long way from the subject of an Austin Powers gag and a niche sex toy. The Bathmate Hydro series promises to offer improved results and performance when compared to other pumps, so we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what you need to know about it.

Bathmate Penis Pumps Series

Design Overview

First off, let’s take a look at what this penis pump does and it how it’s designed. The Bathmate promises to be the best hydro penis pump, but what is that in the first place? While most penis pumps will operate using suction through air as a medium, hydro pumps operate using water, which has a higher density and promises more noticeable results.

The Bathmate penis pump is designed to offer results when it comes to thickness, though it should also be able to provide a noticeable improvement in length. While this may not sound ideal, studies have shown that women prefer a thicker penis than one that is longer when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

One of the main benefits to the hydro pump design of the Bathmate penis pump is that it provides a healthier option than conventional air vacuum pumps. While traditional penis pumps can result in bruising and issues with the veins on your penis, a hydro pump will be less likely to cause ruptures and other injuries.

Bathmate Line-Ups

When it comes to choosing the right Bathmate pump, you’ll have access to three different product lines in 2020: Hydro, HydroMax, and HydroXtreme. Let’s take a look at the most crucial differences between them.

Hydro Series (Formerly known as Hercules)

bathmate review

The Hydro series is the most affordable option that is offered in the Bathmate product range, and it comes with everything that you would expect from a baseline, entry-level water pump. As it uses the Bathmate design, it will be able to provide guaranteed results with a much lower risk than vacuum models.

For just over 100 dollars, you’ll get a penis pump that can improve your size by up to two inches and can be used discreetly in the shower or bath. With a success rate nearing 100%, you’ll get some of the best value for money out of the Hydro series as it will provide you with guaranteed results.

This kind of penis pump comes available in three colors.  This level used to be know as the Hercules model but has been rebranded in 2018.  The Hydro7 model will provide you with a max length of 8.5 inches and a max girth of 6.7 inches.



HydroMax Series (Formerly the Hydromax X-series)

bathmate hydromax x30

Our personal experience with these include the Hydromax x30 model which has now been rebranded as the HydroMax 7. 

Up next, the HydroMax series is the mid-range option that is meant for those that want improved functionality and all of the accessories. If you’re just starting out, you may not want all of these things, but if you find that the Hydro series works well for you, then you’ll want to upgrade to this soon afterward.

The HydroMax series comes in four different sizes: x5, x7, x7 wide boy, and x9, all of which are designed for a specific range of penis lengths. The smallest is meant for those with a length ranging from 2.9 to 4.9 inches while the largest will cover those from 9.1 to 11 inches.

The most notable part of the HydroMax series is the accessory kit that comes included with it, which will make it far easier to use in the long run. For example, you’ll get a carry case along with a security lock so that your pump will be secure and you won’t have to worry about it being damaged in transit.

An included measuring gauge will allow you to see your improvement over the course of time as you use the pump. You’ll also get a cleaning sponge so that you’ll have a dedicated way to freshen up your pump after extended use. The ShowerMate strap will also give you a free hand to use this in the shower.

HydroXtreme Series (Formerly the Xtreme series)

HydroXtreme 11

The HydroXtreme pump system series is the most advanced model in the Bathmate product range, and it features quite a few features that help improve its performance. The most notable enhancement to this pump is that it features nearly 50% more power than the entry-level Bathmate Hydro series pumps on offer.

The bellows system used on this pump is manufactured with advanced materials that will improve its power by up to 35%, giving you improved suction. The size of the bellows has also been increased which will allow your package to get thicker before you start pushing the limits of the pump.

While the comfort pad comes with the accessory pack that you get with the HydroMax pump, you’ll find that it comes included automatically with the HydroXtreme series. The comfort pad does more than improve the comfort of the pump, as it will also increase the amount of suction through a tighter seal.

The valve on this pump has also been heavily reworked to ensure that you get the most out of it.

The new latch on the valve allows you to fill it up with water using only a single hand, which makes it far more convenient. It also features new pressure-release features which will help increase its safety.

Finally, the measurement gauge on the exterior of this pump has been reworked to provide you with metric measurements in addition to the imperial ones that were always there. When you combine this all with the exceptional build quality you can expect from the Bathmate system, you get what is the best pump on the market, hands down.

If you have previous experience with manual training or other extenders, you can safely jump in to the HydoXtreme series.  The new rebrand includes the old Goliath series and the numbering is HydroXtreme 5, 7, 9, and 11 models.

Bathmate Results

Bathmate Results

Let’s go over some of the most noticeable changes that you’ll get out of this hydro pump system when compared to the competition. As you would expect, the penis pump before and after is the most crucial thing to consider if you want to be sure that you’re getting the best product around.

In our case, the Bathmate provided a change of 1 to 1.5 inches depending on the day and the amount of time in between uses. As with any other pump system, you’ll have to use your Bathmate consistently to ensure that you get results out of it, but you won’t have to use it for anywhere near as long.

The best part of the Bathmate is that it nearly eliminated the feeling of discomfort that comes with most vacuum pumps, and that is largely due to the hydro system that is used. When you add the comfort pad to the mix, your pumping experience will likely become more pleasurable than tiresome.

When you enjoy using your pump, the results you get out of it will just be a bonus, making the Bathmate one of the easiest models to use consistently. The inclusion of a measuring gauge on the side of the Bathmate pump will also ensure that you can keep track of your gains without too much trouble.

Bathmate Advantages

Build Quality

One of the most noticeable benefits of using this penis pump is that it features excellent build quality when compared to much of the competition. While other penis pumps may be assembled haphazardly with low-quality materials, you’ll get nothing but the best when you get a Bathmate.   We are talking medical grade build quality that is safe to use.  They have sold over 1 million pumps worldwide.  You don’t get to that level of sales without a quality product that stands the test of time with regular use.

The improved quality of this pump means that it will be sure to provide you with a long period of service before it needs to be replaced, which can help save you money in the end. You’ll also find that this pump operates much more smoothly than other models, which may suffer from leakage and other issues.  If you are dedicated and committed, you will see results with regular use.s

Safe Design

Of course, if you’re planning on using a penis pump regularly, you’ll also want to be sure that it’s made out of materials which are safe when in contact with your package. Some plastics can contain toxins and other substances which you’ll want nowhere near your junk like BPAs.

Thankfully, the Bathmate is made out of plastics which are certified safe for human contact, so you won’t have to worry about causing any damage to your body while you use your pump. It is safe to use and when you couple this with the enhanced safety of a hydro pump, the Bathmate makes for one of the healthiest and easiest to use penis enlargement options.

Ease of Use

When you finally decide to invest in your penis size, you want to be sure to invest in a product which is easy to use, as you won’t want to have to break out the instruction manual every time you use it. The Bathmate series are easy to operate, making it more likely to see extended regular use, which is integral if you want your results to last in the long run.

The Bathmate is also easy to clean out, so you won’t have to spend a long time getting into all of the different nooks and crannies so that you can rest assured that it’s clean. Of course, the hydro pump design of this product also means that it will get far less dirty while in use when compared to vacuum models.

Bathmate Downsides


One of the only issues with the Bathmate is that it is more expensive than many other penis pumps on the market, so you’ll end up paying more upfront. However, for your money, you’ll be sure to get far more for your pump, so it will be more likely to pay itself off in the long run with an effective tool to increase your penis size.

This is the point where it’s crucial to make the distinction between up-front cost and value for money, as this pump will provide you with plenty of the latter.

Consistent Use Required

While the Bathmate may be the best penis pump on the market, it can’t make up for the single most significant issue that is common to all pump systems: the requirement for continued use. If you want your results to last, you’re going to have to ensure that you use your penis pump as consistently as possible.

Where Can You Buy The New Bathmate HydroMax Series?

If you’re looking for the best hydro pump out there and you don’t mind spending a little bit more, the Bathmate is by far the best model you’ll come across. With a range of three different product lines, everyone should be able to find the best one for their needs. We hope that this review has helped you out.  If you are still unsure, you should be pleased to know that the manufacturer now offers a 60 day money back guarantee.   Not that we have heard of anyone requesting their money back yet but it may help you decide to make the initial investment.

If you want to get a full warranty and best price on the Bathmate pump lineup, you should only purchase directly from the official Bathmate site here.   That way you get the money back guarantee and full support.