How Phalogenics (Phalogenic Traction) Can Improve Your Size

Manual penis exercise programs are starting to become popular among men that don’t want to use extenders or pumps to increase their overall size.

One of the most frequently discussed training systems is called ‘Phalogenics’ and it is highly regarded for detailed video guides to different penile exercise routines.

The program has been instrumental in helping men increase the size of their penis, boost their sex lives and be more confident in the bedroom.  We wanted to take a look and see if the routines are as good as advertised.

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What is Phalogenic Traction?

Phalogenics is a community, and it’s a community dedicated to increasing penile size. Members are granted access to videos and guides on how to effectively increase penile size. There are no unrealistic expectations – you won’t achieve growth overnight.

Members are granted access to a series of training videos that show the best techniques to increase penile size.

And members also receive access to three additional sites that will aid in penile growth.

Phalogenics is a program that uses the fastest and gentlest techniques to help increase penis size in men. This is the most natural way to increase size.

Genetics plays a major role in the size of a man’s penis.  Why not push your genetics to the max?

According to statistics from Phalogenics, based off of their member results, the average male can achieve 2 – 4 inches in growth.

But members also state that the Phalogenics program, which is completely outlined for members, has helped:

  • Increase the size of members’ penises
  • Boost erection hardness
  • Allow for a higher level of staying power
  • Naturally improve blood flow to fight erectile dysfunction

It’s a 100% risk-free program.

Phalogenic Traction is the natural approach to penile enlargement that has proven to be:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Efficient

All-natural penis enlargement is possible through the Phalogenics method, and it works by increasing the size and strength of the penile tissue.

Phalogenic Traction (we’ll cover the science behind the technique below) is a natural method that incorporates:

  • Daily exercises
  • Daily stretching techniques
  • Kegel exercises

There are no pills, awkward penis pump or traction devices that have to be worn for hours a day to work.  Although, many users recommend combining the traction exercises with another device to maximize results.

The Phalogenics excercise program can be done in just a few minutes per day. Over the course of months, it’s possible to  train your way to permanent penis growth with stronger and fuller erections.

Thicker, longer and better able to stay erect, and fight premature ejaculation.   Your penis is enhanced without the discomfort of a penis enlargement device or pills, which often have a plethora of side effects.

The Science Behind The Phalogenics Method

phalogenic traction exercises

Phalogenics believes that natural exercises, all manually performed, are the best approach to penis enlargement. Scientifically, the program is based on the body’s ability to:

  • Grow
  • Develop
  • Adapt

All three of this stimulus occurs through physical stimulation and exercise. Studies from 1998 show that the following heal to adapt to stress put on them:

  • Cellular tissue
  • Muscle fibers
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons

Cellular tissue, which the penis is primarily comprised of, is also able to stretch.

Phalogenics follows these concepts of growth and adaption, using key penis exercises to be able to achieve the healing and growth that men need to grow their penises.

Martini found in 1998 that the corpora cavernosa, the tissue that is in the penis, increases in size when blood is pumped into it. Forcing more blood into the penis allows the tissue to expand, heal and grow over time.

Repeated stimulus is required to achieve growth.

Penis exercises, and it’s vital to follow the videos and concepts of Phalogenics techniques to achieve proper growth, rely on the body’s ability to:

  • Stretch muscle fibers due to exercise
  • Stretch and heal ligaments
  • Stretch and heal tendons

Smooth muscle inside of the penis, which is different from skeletal muscle, is affected by the penile ligaments that attach to a man’s pubic bone.

Phalogenics found, through years of research, that the corpora cavernosa in the penis is like a sponge in the ocean.

corpora cavernosa

Pore cells are similar in nature to how the corpora cavernosa responds when blood fills the penile chamber.

Researchers found that over time, the corpora cavernosa responds much like a sponge, allowing blood to absorb into the pores and expand the pores. Minute tearing occurs in the cellular walls of these pores initiating the body’s natural healing process.

The minute tears will begin to heal, allowing the pore cells to become larger and better able to absorb water and nutrients.

Manual exercises, depicted in the videos that members gain access to in Phalogenics, use this concept to push more blood into the penile tissue. As the tissue heals, the penis is able to absorb more blood.  Some members use the Phalogenics techniques along with  professional traction devices and penis pumps but you don’t have to invest in any of those to see results.

When more blood is able to be absorbed, the actual size of erection increases.

A harder, stiffer erection is a result of the continual healing of the corpora cavernosa tissue in the penis.

The concept of muscle growth which bodybuilders follow is the same concept behind the success of Phalogenics.

What does science  have to say about manual penile exercises?

Manual penis enlargement isn’t a billion-dollar industry, so it’s lacking studies.

No one wants to fund studies when money isn’t involved, so the only way to know if jelqing works is to go online and find reviews of techniques, or give it a try yourself.

What we do know is that penis extenders have been shown to be effective at increasing penile growth. This was shown in one 2011 study that looked at penis extender devices to determine if they can improve penile length.

Phalogenics traction is able to produce similar results, following many of the same techniques and principles used in penis extenders – minus the pain and discomfort.

Jelqing, and many of the techniques found in Phalogenics, are proven to be safe. There’s no fear of lasting penile damage, and there’s only pain or discomfort from being too aggressive.

One of the techniques used in Phalogenics, called the penile microtrauma therapy technique, has been studied and found that the penis tissue is able to absorb more blood when using the technique properly. The additional blood absorption is able to allow for the tearing and healing process, which results in a larger penis over time. The quality of erection was also improved.

Corpora cavernosa studies also back the science behind the Phalogenics system.

Studies show that the tissue acts like a sponge, allowing for more blood to enter into the new muscle tissue and create  stronger, harder erections as a result. The result is that the spongy tissue can have its capacity increased through light stretches and a healing process.

The penis’ size may increase over time as the tissues start to heal and expand.

Phalogenics offers a 60-day money back guarantee because the company is confident that their techniques work. There’s an entire community of supporters, working together to ensure that all members are able to achieve the penile enhancement results they need to feel confident in the bedroom.

For the minimal cost, it is an no brainer if you are serious about getting bigger.

Phalogenics is a weekly plan, allowing for a concise system that works to increase penile size. Using manual enhancement techiques allows for zero side effects, and members share their successes and failures with different techniques.

The practices that community members recommend work.

Safe and effective, internal studies show that the system works and can increase penis length by 2 – 4 inches.

Does Phalogenics Really Work?

phalogenics videos

Yes. Men from across the world back the Phalogenics program and have been able to achieve positive gains in size and girth as a result.

The studies above show that, in a scientific setting, manual penis exercises have the ability to increase penile growth.

But a lot of men do not achieve the results that they desire because:

  • They’re not patient and do not follow the videos exactly
  • They’re under the assumption that more is better

Phalogenics has been around for a long time, and there’s a 60-day money back guarantee offered. The company’s reputation is stellar, and there’s a reason for that: the system works.


Men have been able to achieve 2 – 4 inches in penile growth using Phalogenics over the course of 6 – 12 months.

Every man is different, and since genetics plays a major role in absolute natural penile size, results can be one inches or even four inches – it depends on several variables. Phalogenics uses a natural, gentle approach to penis enhancement with a proven exercise program that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars or require a traction device to achieve results.

As a member of Phalogenics, you’ll get instant access to all training materials including:

does phalogenics traction work
  • Quick start guide that covers all of the information in the program in a concise, professional manner. The guide provides the fast-track to be able to increase your size, and it’s the first document that members are encouraged to read. Once the quick start guide is read, it’s time to dive into other sections of the program to get a deeper understanding of the Phalogenics system and the daily exercises.
  • Videos are provided in a series that will provide information on how the system works and how to perform many of the exercises and techniques within Phalogenics. The video series is one of the key reasons many members purchase the program. Videos allow for less error when performing techniques and exercises.
  • Exercise program guides are provided that outline the complete list of exercises to perform to be able to achieve maximum penile growth. The guides provide additional details that even the videos do not offer, so it’s highly recommended that users read through all of the guides.
  • 5 minute plan that explains that all it takes is 6 minutes and 30 seconds per day to grow your penis. The plan has to be followed precisely to achieve results, and if a person doesn’t have just under 7 minutes to enhance their penis size, then there’s no hope.

There’s also access to three sites that users will be able to use to enhance their sex lives. An MVP Playbook is also included that will explain how to properly stroom the penis to enhance growth speeds. Faster, sustained growth allows for confidence in the program and continued use.

Phalogenics is a program that thousands of men put their trust and confidence in when all other products have failed. It’s all-natural, so the side effects are minimal and there’s never a need to worry about serious injuries or side effects.  

Users can achieve 0.5” to 1” in growth in just one month, following the program directly on a consistent basis. These are fast gains that anyone can achieve, and if not, there’s a guarantee in place.

It works – guaranteed by the company.   See more Phalogenics review feedback >>

Follow the videos and articles, use the three bonus sites and push your penis tissue to enter a state of healing and growth. Results may vary, but with gains of up to an inch in just one month and up to four inches over the course of several months a possibility, it’s a program worth trying. You self esteem and overall confidence will thank you.

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