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The Phoenix ED Device | Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy for Better Erections

Erectile dysfunction (ED) impacts up to 52% of men in some capacity. Some men have erection issues once in a while, but many others suffer to get and maintain erections. And their sex life suffers dramatically due to ED.

The Phoenix aims to correct ED issues so that you can enjoy a healthy sex life again.

What is the Phoenix For Men?

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The Phoenix is a patented device that offers a 100% at-home treatment option for improving your sexual health with:

  • No prescription necessary
  • 98% success rate
  • FDA registration

Forbes calls the Phoenix “the next billion-dollar product,” and Men’s Journal states that “it gives men healthier erections.”

How Does Phoenix Work?

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The Phoenix Uses Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy To Improve Blood Flow

Device Components

The Phoenix ED device is a compact, home-use acoustic wave therapy system designed to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED). This innovative device is composed of the following primary components:

  • Handpiece: The main unit, which generates low-intensity extracorporeal shock waves (Li-ESWT) to the targeted area.
  • Treatment tip: The applicator part, which transmits the shock waves to the treatment area.
  • Control panel: Features buttons and an LED display to manage settings, power, and session duration.

Operational Principles

The primary purpose of the Phoenix ED device is to improve blood flow within the penile tissues, which is essential for achieving and maintaining strong erections. It accomplishes this using Li-ESWT technology.

Li-ESWT is a non-invasive treatment method that delivers low-intensity shock waves into the targeted area, stimulating angiogenesis – the formation of new blood vessels. This process can help to resolve the vascular issues that often contribute to erectile dysfunction.

The Phoenix website provides detailed information on the device’s design and operation principles. Ultimately, the Phoenix ED device aims to restore sexual performance and reverse sexual decline in men, offering a home-use solution that was once only accessible in medical settings.

Understanding Erections

Your penis has blood vessels that send blood to the corpus cavernosa, or a sponge-like material that fills with blood and hardens.

When you’re aroused, the brain sends signals to the penis to increase blood flow and promote a hard erection.

Unfortunately, as men age, the network of blood vessels in the penis begins to clog, slowing blood flow. This poor blood flow decreases your sexual health and makes it difficult to:

  • Get an erection
  • Maintain an erection

Performing in bed becomes difficult if your body doesn’t force enough blood into the penis. That is where shockwave therapy has been proven effective.

The Phoenix sounds great, but what in the world is it? The device uses shockwave therapy to promote blood flow. When learning about this device, it’s crucial to know how the penis works and why you get an erection in the first place.

Introducing The Phoenix ED Device For Men

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Everyone with ED knows that there are pills that you can buy to get and maintain an erection. And while these pills work, they never actually fix the issue of your penis’s blood vessels becoming clogged.

Instead, they mask the issue with the ability to get erections temporarily.

Some supplements may work, but they’re not a long-term solution unless you continually take pills and plan out your sexual encounters.

The Phoenix targets the plaque clogging up the penile blood vessels by using shockwave therapy.

Soundwaves, also called shockwaves, will travel deep into the tissue, promoting plaque removal, delivering vital nutrients and helping the body get rid of the plaque that’s causing your erection issues.

Performing each acoustic wave treatment with The Phoenix takes just 20 minutes a session, and you’ll follow a 120-day protocol to improve your overall sexual health.

The Phoenix’s 120-Day Treatment Protocol

Natural decline of blood flow

The Phoenix comes with a strict treatment protocol that is highly effective for helping men get better erections.

In fact, there’s a 98% success rate of better erections using the following proven protocol:

Improvement After Using The Phoenix For 120 days
  • Day 1 – 30: Perform 2 treatments a week. During this stage, initial microtrauma occurs and some plaque is removed.
  • Day 30 – 60: Recovery period where new blood vessels form that are healthy and plaque-free.
  • Day 60 – 90: Again, perform two weekly treatments to promote the new blood vessels to grow stronger.
  • Day 90 – 120: Healing period where you notice the most improvement.

If you find it necessary, you can restart the 120 cycle again at this point. Microtrauma occurs when using the device to trigger angiogenesis to grow healthy blood vessels. However, the “trauma” isn’t painful and won’t impact your sexual health or lifestyle.

The “magic” is in the acoustic wave / shockwave therapy that penetrate through the vessels to eliminate any plaque that’s allowed to collect on the vessel walls of the penis.

Plaque reductions also allow vital nutrients to reach penile tissue. When your penile blood flow slows, it starves the tissue of the nutrients it needs to restore your erection health. Even men with Peyronie’s have successfully treated their condition with The Phoenix.

If you were to go to a doctor to treat your erectile issues, they would use a similar device. However, the Phoenix allows you to use the same energy signature in the comfort of your own home.

The technology, called Li-ESWT, has 40+ clinical studies backing its efficacy for shockwave therapy.

The Phoenix offers the same potent Li-EWST so that you can achieve these long-lasting results from home.

You never need to be embarrassed or uncomfortable walking into a doctor’s office to seek treatment for your erectile issues when you have a proven device in your home.

Key Benefits of The Phoenix

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ED is hard for any male who feels inadequate in the bedroom. However, the Phoenix doesn’t have any known side effects and emits 20,000 acoustic wave pulses directly into the penis.

Users benefit from:

  • Proven plaque removal
  • Stronger erections
  • Maximized blood movement
  • Eliminating the need for pills
  • Drug-free treatment
  • Fuller, harder erections
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Better sexual health & performance

Plus, you can use The Phoenix alongside other devices, such as the GainsWave Machine, for even better results. It also comes with a 90 day home trial guarantee for 2023.

Most men notice a notable difference in their erectile health from shockwave therapy treatment in just 90 days of using The Phoenix device.

Does The Phoenix Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

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The Phoenix does work for erectile dysfunction. But there’s always that small sample size of men that cannot be treated using virtually any method or device. Thankfully, many studies have been conducted on the underlying technology of low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave treatment.

2016 Systematic Review

In 2016, a systematic review of shock wave therapy on people with erectile dysfunction looked at 14 studies and found that Li-ESWT therapy can significantly improve ED. However, the analysis stated that they would like to see a long-term follow-up review to determine how long the results last.

2019 Randomized Controlled Trial

A 2019 randomized controlled trial was conducted on sixty patients over a 12-week period. While shorter than what you would experience with The Phoenix, the trial found that:

  • Patient satisfaction rose
  • Partner satisfaction rose

Significant improvements in erectile function were noted in the trial.

The Phoenix Internal Data

The Phoenix has a big data set that allows them to determine how well their device works. The 15,000+ data points show that the device has an 85% success rate in helping people overcome their erectile dysfunction.

The Phoenix FAQs


Does Using The Phoenix Hurt?

No, it shouldn’t hurt at all. However, if you do feel any pain, you may be applying too much pressure against the skin. Mild discomfort does occur in some men, but each kit comes with a 4% lidocaine cream to numb the area.

You might not need the cream, but it will eliminate any discomfort you experience if you do.

Will The Phoenix Really Work for Me?

Hopefully. There’s no real answer here because everyone’s condition is different. Up to 98% of men have seen results. Ideally, you’ll discuss your options with a urologist to see if you’re a good candidate for The Phoenix.

You can also take an online assessment test on the official site to better understand whether the device will work well for you.

The device works for men suffering from:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual decline
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Sexual performance decline

When Will You Begin to See Results?

Most men notice an improvement in their erection quality after the first 30-day treatment period. When you go through the first thirty-day rest period, that’s when the body begins healing and enhanced blood flow is experienced.

Typically, you’ll notice some results within the first 30 – 60 days, and you can expect these results to improve further and faster during the next two cycles.

Does The Phoenix Really Work?

Yes. About 85% of people experience relief from erectile dysfunction with this device. However, you can find many resources on the low-intensity shock wave treatment and how effective it is for people with ED.

Additionally, the device is recognized by the FDA.

So, the technology that The Phoenix uses is well-reviewed and shows that it is an effective form of treatment for men who have erectile dysfunction and similar issues, such as Peyronie’s disease, sexual decline and even performance decline.

What’s Included in the Kit?

Each kit comes with everything you need to get started using The Phoenix, including:

  • Lidocaine cream
  • Water-based lubricant

You can also purchase additional cream or lubricant from the manufacturer if you find that it’s something that you need. Most men don’t need the cream because it’s a numbing agent, but if you do, it’s already included in the kit for you.

Where To Buy the Phoenix for Men

The Phoenix is your best option if you want to have stronger erections without relying on pills or risky surgeries. You can purchase the device directly from, and you benefit from:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Low monthly payment options
  • 24/7 US-based support
  • 40+ studies backing the treatment’s effectiveness
  • Side effect-free treatment options

Say goodbye to weak or non-existent erections once and for all. Click here to buy The Phoenix today.