Several medical studies prove that the AndroPenis is effective at treating erectile dysfunction and peyronie’s disease. AndroPenis maintains a high satisfaction level among consumers and remains the #1 rated penis enlargement system in the world.

What is AndroPenis?

AndroPenis is an FDA approved, Class 1 Medical Device designed by AndroMedical to treat patients with erectile dysfunction or peyronie’s disease.

Class I medical devices are devices, classified by the government, to have:

  • Low- to moderate-risk associated with them

Roughly 47% of medical devices on the market have a Class I classification.

FDA classification for AndroPenis means that the device poses little risk to the end user, so consumers will not be at risk of harming their penis when utilizing the device as intended.

How Does AndroPenis Work?

AndroPenis follows the proven practice of penile traction to help improve penile length, combat erectile dysfunction and assist those suffering from peyronie’s disease.

Traction is a concept that applies small amounts of pressure on the penis.  The pressure causes the penile tissue to sustain what is called “micro tears.”

Tears occur after several hours of wear each day, leading to slow and steady progress.

Micro tears result in no pain being felt. The body’s natural response to micro tears results in new cell formation that fill the holes left behind in the tearing process.

Cellular division fills the holes through a process professionally knowing as cytokinesis. The process, when extended use occurs, results in enhanced penile girth and length.

Traction is the key concept behind AndroPenis.

Studies on traction have been underway for decades. Researchers have been studying the impact of traction on the human body, with key examples from ancient tribes being the focal point of many studies.

Ancient tribes used the process of traction on several different body parts, including the lips and ears to elongate these two key areas.

Penile traction is a more recent development.

AndroPenis incorporates gentle materials, with slow and precise adjustment options to force small micro tears in the penile tissue.

AndroPenis Review

Andropenis Gold Review

AndroPenis is clinically tested with over 1 million satisfied customers. Andromedical has been in the Urology field for 22 years, and the results of penile traction are permanent when used over a period of 3 to 6+ months.

The device is:

  • FDA approved
  • Recommended by over 7,000 urologists
  • Patented
  • #1 in worldwide sales (not verified)

AndroPenis Gold Premium is considered a safe, effective way to increase penile size. Users are required to place their penis in the traction device, slowly applying pressure which is kept at a level that does not cause discomfort.

The device allows for pressure adjustments in small increments, allowing the wearer to increase pressure slowly over a period of months.

Wearable underneath clothing, the device can be worn for 8 – 9 hours a day.

Comfort features have been added, with two comfort bands that hold the penis in place. Extra bands are included for easy replacement. The product’s package contains a 12-month supply of bands.

A noose strap has not been incorporated into the product’s design due to the high level of discomfort that the strap causes users. Pinching and extreme discomfort can occur, which is why AndroPenis has included comfort bands to hold the penis in place while eliminating the pinching and discomfort of the noose.

Comfort bands spread pressure over a larger area to provide increased comfort. Androsilicone bands can be used as a traditional means of fastening the penis to the device. These bands are known to provide faster results, albeit offering slightly less comfort.

Foam is used around the hole where the penis is placed.

Protective sheaths are placed around the base of the device to keep the glans from experiencing discomfort or pain. There are 31 extension rods that allow for incremental pressure increases from 0.3cm to 4cm in size.

AndroPenis comes with a measurement ruler to aid users in progress tracking.

The device comes with a one-year warranty.

Penile Extender Studies With The AndroPenis

Medical Studies

Numerous studies have been conducted on AndroPenis, proving the device’s efficacy and comfort. In fact, it is one of the few devices that has been proven in these studies. Other devices rely on the actual study results that used an Andropenis device!

NCBI Study Results

The Uro-Oncology Research Center in Tehran, Iran conducted a study on the efficacy of AndroPenis. The study took place over a three-year period, between December 2010 and December 2013, wherein 163 men were under observation.

The men in the study received psychosexual counseling, with all men complaining of small penile girth or length.

Of the 163 men, 54 agreed to use the AndroPenis following counseling.

Patients in the study were required to:

  • Wear AndroPenis for 4 to 6 hours daily
  • Continue use for a period of six months

Baseline measurements were taken in the following timeframes:

  • Before start
  • 1-month
  • 3-month
  • 6-month
  • 9-month

Researchers required measurements of flaccid stretched and erect lengths. Patient satisfaction was also logged, allowing researchers to better understand how the patients’ mindsets changed following the use of the AndroPenis.

A follow-up session was used as a means to measure the outcome of the participants. The follow-up session looked at key factors, such as:

  • Penile girth
  • Penile length
  • Satisfaction

The results at the six-month follow-up showed that the mean gain in penile length was 1.7 cm, 1.3 cm and 1.2 cm. The measurements are reflective of a penis when it is flaccid, stretched and erect.

Penile girth was not impacted based on the study. Girth is the circumference of the penis and is often associated with pleasure.

Patients in the study remained moderately satisfied, with erectile dysfunction improvements noted. The study included 13 participants that had mild erectile dysfunction at the start of the study. These patients noted a significant improvement in ED. After a nine-month period, nine of the 13 participants reported normal erectile function.

The study concludes that the AndroPenis is a minimally invasive technique that can be confidently used to improve penile length. Modest benefits are achieved. Erectile length, when erect, measures just under 0.5 inches larger after using AndroPenis. Flaccid penis length improved by 0.66 inches.

Modest increases in penile size were noted, but the improvements in ED were significant.

AndroPenis may be used in conjunction with other techniques as a means to increase penile length without the use of pills, uncomfortable devices or risky surgical methods.

The manufacturer claims that the AndroPenis has the ability to increase penile length by up to 6 cm in length.

Additional studies show that penile curvature may be corrected using penile traction techniques. Daily wear of AndroPenis is shown to correct curvature by 60% through the use of gradual pressure.

What About Girth?

AndroPenis was underwhelming in girth enhancement, with the study finding that girth was not improved. AndroPenis claims that girth may be improved by as much as 3 cm. The study did not find this claim to be true.

Instead, a conjunction of non-invasive techniques may be applied as a means for helping increase girth without the need for surgery.

Manual jelqing phalogenic traction exercises offer the best results. These procedures can be done using devices, or they can be performed using a person’s hand. The techniques work well with traction devices, but jelqing must be performed daily to achieve permanent results.

Pilot Phase-II Study

The Pilot Phase-II study, published in BJU International, was conducted at the Dipartimento di Discipline Medico Chirurgiche in Turin, Italy with the intention of testing the efficacy of AndroPenis in treating “short penis.”

Fifteen patients participated in the study, which assumed an effect size of >0.8. Participants were educated on how to use the penile extender for a minimum of four hours per day for six months.

Researchers measured penile dimensions at the baseline and after 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Treatment satisfaction was also assessed using an institutional unvalidated five-item questionnaire.

At the conclusion of the study, the mean length gain was significant

Length gains were measured for flaccid length and stretched penis length.

The results were:

  • 3 cm for flaccid
  • 7 cm for stretched length

The study provided similar results to the previous study conducted and also noted no significant gain in penile girth.  Researchers noted good and consistent changes in all items, but girth results were labeled as “no change” or “mild improvement.”

Researchers in the study concluded that penile extenders are minimally invasive and effective at increasing penile length.

Maximum elongation was noted in the first month, but the effect started to decrease progressively in the subsequent months. It should be noted that the researchers claim that the results may have started to slow due to participants in the study staying near the minimum recommended wear amount of four hours. Researchers recommended that the device be worn for six hours for optimal results.

European Society for Sexual Medicine Study

In a clinical study out of Russia, a clinical practice used a complex approach to hypogonadism. Hormonal therapy and AndroPenis were used as a means to enhance penile size. NEBIDO testosterone injections were also provided a means of enhancement within one year of the study starting.

Testosterone was required because penile length was insufficient for being able to use the penile extender.

Penile extender usage began when the penis length was sufficient for usage. Elongation occurred in a four- to eight-month period. From 2005 to 2007, some 50 patients which all exhibited hypogonadism, were treated with hormonal therapy for a period of one year.

Ages ranged from 16 to 54.

When participants achieved optimal results to use the extender, they underwent a six-month usage of AndroPenis. Some 44 participants used AndroPenis with hormonal therapy for half a year.

At the beginning of the study, the average gain in flaccid penis size was 3.5 cm, with the average erect size being 6.5 cm.

During the six-month period, participants were able to increase penis size by 2.5 cm on average. Researchers concluded that the average penis size increased best when an extender was used in conjunction with hormonal therapy for participants that had hypogonadism.

European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research (ESSIR) Study

The ESSIR study out of Hamburg, Germany was conducted in 2002 on nine men who had a penis size that was within standard limits. The men all believed that their size was “small.” The study included men that were between the ages of 26 and 43.

The original length of the stretched penis averaged 12.0 cm with ranges from 8.1 cm to 15.4 cm.

A penis extender was used for at least four hours per day with the recommended usage time of six hours per day. The usage recommendations were very similar to the previous study. Elongation seemed to correlate to the average usage time of the extender.

After a period of four months, the average penis augmentation was +1.8 cm with a range of 0.5 cm to 3.1 cm. Daily usage varied among participants, with usage being 3 to 9 hours.

No side effects were noted during the study.

Researchers confirmed that penis stretching is an effective means of physiotherapy in small penis treatment. The study does not state that penile girth improvements were experienced, nor did it state that no girth enhancement occurred.

The study’s documentation is vague, and the study does not mention which measurements were taken at what duration.

Virtual Sexology and Hispanoamerican Sexual Education Congress Study

A study of 37 men, aged 22 to 60, was conducted in different cities in Spain. The men had normal erection capabilities, and none of the men had surgery to enhance penile size. Patients that had penile curvature did not make it into the study.

The study, based on the AndroPenis, found that the average increase in penis erection size after a period of one month was 0.4726 cm with a standard deviation of 0.129 cm. Researchers found that the length increment did not depend on age, and that age does not lower the benefits associated with penile extension.

Growth in girth, or penile circumference, was noted. The researchers found that the average girth increase was 7.1%, or a minimal increase over the starting circumference. Length increase after a three-month period was 1.4118 cm on average, or just over a 10.5% increase. Average minimum growth was 1.1522 cm in the three-month period.

Six-month data shows that the AndroPenis was able to increase erect state length by 3.333 cm, with an average growth of 27.5%. Time of use directly correlated to the increase in both erection and flaccidity length and girth.

Minimum growth length after the initial six-month test was 2.8162 cm.

Researchers concluded that the AndroPenis was able to increase the length of the penis in both the flaccid and erect state. Increases were found to not depend on the patient’s natural penis size.

Shanghai Study by Traction Force

A study on penile traction was conducted over a three-month period in Shanghai in 2005. Thirty participants joined the study which was conducted between June 30 and September 30. The study used an Andromedical device and aimed to determine the device’s efficacy and safety.

Subjects were between 16 and 70 years old, and unlike the previous studies, this study required that the participants wear the device for nine hours or more per day. Of the 30 males, 26 wanted to elongate their penis, while four wanted to correct their penile curvature.

A total of 23 males completed the study, wearing the device for nine hours per day.

Only one person left the study because of discomfort.

Effective rate following the three-month period was 100%. The study started with a baseline measurement of: 7.1 cm flaccid, 9.3 cm erect, 6.3 cm perimeter of flaccid penis and 8.1 cm perimeter of erect penis.

After the three-month period, flaccid penis length was 9.2 cm, erect penile length was 12.3 cm. Perimeter increased to 8.1 cm when flaccid and 10.0 cm when erect.

Penile length while flaccid increased by an average of 2.1 cm, while penile length during erection increased by 2.0 cm. Perimeter increased were 1.8 cm flaccid and 1.9 cm erect.

This is a very important study which dictates that longer usage, in the nine-hour range, may allow for girth enhancement.

As noted, the length of the penis was substantially increased during this trial.

It’s important to remember that this was a 90-day study versus a 180-day study as seen in most of the other studies mentioned. No adverse side effects were noted, and efficacy was 100%. One participant did leave due to discomfort, but Andromedical has significantly enhanced penile traction since 2005, adding numerous safety and comfort features that were not present during this study.

These studies found that prolonged usage, especially with longer daily duration, was the best way to achieve length increase. Girth increase was minor or not evident in many of the studies. The final study did demonstrate that it is possible to achieve girth enhancement through penile traction.

Where Can You Buy Andropenis?

buy andropenis

AndroPenis is a Class I medical device that is sold directly from AndroMedical, the manufacturer of AndroPenis. The company recommends purchasing direct and not using eBay or other third-party sellers.

Unauthorized sellers may sell fake products.

The warranty and six-months of free medical support are not granted when purchasing from a third-party. Consumers are urged to purchase AndroPenis through the AndroMedical website.