Penomet Review

Is The Penomet Pump A Viable Bathmate Alternative?

Scientifically proven, I was excited to try the Penomet see how this model compared to other big-name brands in the industry, such as the Bathmate and SizeGenetics. And I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and ease-of-use of this model.  It’s one of the best penis pumps that I have had the pleasure of trying out but does that tell the full story?

What I really like is that this model gives you realistic gains.

Real Penomet Customer Reviews

Backed by immense research (more on that shortly), this is one of the few penis pumps that actually works, and you can put it in your dresser drawer without worrying that it looks like some kind of torture device. It’s a rather discrete penis pump, and the results are rather impressive.

The Penomet Is Scientifically Proven

Trust that the creators do not just make empty claims with their products. This product has been tested with over three years of real-life results being analyzed by the company. Direct input and feedback has been given by thousands of people that have used this product, and the results are absolutely impressive.

How much girth and length can this product give you?

The company states that the user can increase their size by:

  • 3 inches in length
  • 30% more girth

But we definitely need to be realistic with Penomet results. After all, the company wants to make their money, and the statistics are probably on the high-end. Can you imagine someone who is already 7 inches in length gaining an additional 3 inches? They would be legendary.

Realistically, I would assume that the average person – not the exception – would be able to increase their length by:

  • 1 – 2 inches

Girth is a little bit different, but I would assume that 15% – 30% increase in girth can be experienced with consistent use.

If you dig deep into this product’s past, you’ll find that it won the 2013 award for best new product for male enhancement in Germany. And the company also won the Venus in 2014.

Why Penomet is Different From Other HydroPumps


If you’ve ever used a penis pump in the past, you know that they are a little bit awkward. I mean no man really likes putting these pumps on, and then when they hurt, you really start to doubt your decision.

Let’s face it, we’re trying to extend a very, very sensitive area of our bodies.

What makes Penomet so different are the gaiters. What are gaiters? These are, effectively, the part of the pump that will put force or pressure on the penis to help it extend. Now, virtually every penis pump on the market has a gaiter.

But Penomet provides you with five gaiters.

So what – right?

This is very important because when you first start, you don’t want to put too much pressure on your “little guy.” Not only does this hurt, but it really isn’t the ideal way to extend the length of your penis. You wouldn’t go to a gym and try to bench 300 pounds when you know that is simply is not going to happen.

So, why would you do this with a penis pump? You wouldn’t – in the ideal world. Penomet provides different gaiters so that you can work your way up gradually and safely by adding pressure over time to the device.

It makes a lot of sense. And what the company has found is that by gradually increasing the pressure over time, you’ll see results 65% faster than if you use a fixed gaiter.

Penomet Certificates


Certificates have been granted the company, and these are rather important to know when purchasing. The company currently has three certifications, and these include:

  • CE: This certification means that the product meets EU legislation, and if it is purchased within Europe, the product will not be held up in customs as a result.
  • SGS: A certification that is recognized in both the United States and Europe. This classification means that this product is toxin free, and it has been tested, certified and inspected for quality. This product is an RoHS class 1 product.
  • ISO: This product meets the international organization for standardization. What does this mean? This product meets the same standards as medical devices and tools, so it is safe to use.

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How Penomet Works

how to use

You’re probably still on the fence at this point, but when you see that this product works, you’ll be blown away by the results. Now, I want to state that unlike other products (including the #1 penis extender device) that want you to wear the penis pump for 5+ hours a day, all you need to do is wear this product for 15 minutes per day.

Keep in mind that the company recommends that you use this product 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day, and you’ll want to increase your number of daily sessions over time as needed.

What can 15 to 30 minutes do for you?

Adding 1 to 3 inches to your penis’ length means that you’ll be able to satisfy her to the fullest extent. And added girth will make sex much more pleasurable for her. In just six steps, you can realize these results. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose your guitar (start with purple).
  2. Attach the gaiter to your cylinder.
  3. Apply the Penomet, and gently pump it a few times until a vacuum seal is created.
  4. Re-pump every few minutes for a period of 15 to 30 minutes.
  5. Press the valve at the end of the cylinder to release the pressure.
  6. Increase the pressure with stronger gaiters over time.

Would you do these six steps to make sex extremely more pleasurable for her?

Of course you would. Now, it’s important to know that you can either use this outside of the shower, or in the shower. I found it to be much more comfortable to use this product in the shower, and start getting dressed and ready while it is still attached.

Note: the company recommends that you use this product (it’s a water based pump after all) with water – so the shower is best.

It’s fast and easy. And the results will blow you away…

Penomet Results – Before and After Gains

Penomet Before and After Gains

What have real users of Penomet experienced?

Charles – “I’ve been using this product for three months, and I’ve already had a half an inch of permanent gains.”

Jonny – “Not only have I gained confidence, but I’m already over an inch bigger in just over three months.”

Adam – “What an impact 1.4 inches has on your sex life – that’s all I’m saying.”

These are all real reviews, and the best part is that the results are permanent. And I almost forgot to mention that you will notice temporary results immediately after using the pump – remember, it will be swollen. These results will disappear within a few hours (don’t worry, they come back), but results are permanent with extended use of this product.

customer testimonial

The best part? You won’t need to take pills, have dangerous surgery performed or be using this product for the rest of your life.

Penomet Vs Bathmate

The Bathmate is an amazing product – you’ll find it everywhere. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a strong competitor, which is exactly what the Penomet offers. I found the Penomet to be just as affordable and almost as comfortable as their direct competition.

There are three different price ranges for the Penomet, from $99 – $297, so on the high-end, it’s more expensive than its competition. But their entry-level and middle budget products are rest of are cheaper than the competition.

The results seem to be pretty similar when looking at different testimonials and the claims the company makes.

For me, the Penomet resulted in a positive increase in growth and girth while also being far more comfortable – and I used it for a much shorter time than competing products. If you’re looking for a comfortable penis extender that offers phenomenal results, this a decent option.

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